Huggies Dry Pants Diaper-L(9-14kg)52pcs

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Huggies Dry Pants Diaper- (9-14kg)- L size- 52pcs

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Product details of Huggies Dry Pants Diaper- (9-14kg)- L size- 52pcs- Malaysia

  1. Product Type- Huggies Dry Pants.
  2. Quantity- 52pcs.
  3. Size- L (9-14Kg).
  4. Brand- Huggies.
  5. Country of Origin- Malaysia.

The Huggies brand has evolved into an integral part of every new baby and new parent’s life. We know that every minute spent with your baby is precious. That’s why we want to help you enjoy more of the giggles, kisses and special moments that you’ll cherish forever.